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Understandably, this year’s Halloween celebrations will be much different than in years past while we’re practicing physical distancing measures and meticulous hygiene practices.

However, when it comes to Halloween, there are still plenty of ways to celebrate in your multi-family home, as well as in Edmonton. Don’t worry, Halloween isn’t canceled this year.

Making Halloween decorations

COVID-Friendly Halloween Ideas In Your Multi-Family Home

Arguably one of the most enjoyable parts of Halloween is the trick-or-treating for children. The one night a year where they’re allowed to collect bales of free candy. While we’ll likely be skipping the apple bobbing this year, there’s still plenty of COVID-friendly and sanitary ways to celebrate Halloween. If this is your first time celebrating Halloween in a multi-family home, you’re in for a treat! Or maybe a trick.

Practice trunk-or-treating

A brand new practice to 2020, trunk-or-treating involves decorating your car instead of your home, to help keep people outdoors in open spaces!


Ever tried trick-or-treating indoors? The concept is giving out candies to children in the comfort of your own home dressed in your wackiest Halloween costume! Other ideas include hosting a virtual Halloween party with friends and family, watching a scary movie, or playing some spooky Halloween games! The choice is yours!

Celebrate at the Nautical at Summerside

As part of the Halloween festivities, the Nautical Luxury Suites at Summerside will prepare goody bags and organize a draw box for residents to enter and win prizes! Tune in on October 31st from 12 PM to 5 PM at our office (#109 4211 Savaryn Drive SW).

Indoor Halloween Decoration Ideas

There are still so many fun activities we can do inside during the Fall and Halloween season. Half the fun of living in a multi-family suite is decorating for the seasons, so here are a few indoor Halloween decoration ideas for your unit!

Pumpkin carving

Pumpkin carving goes without saying during the Halloween season, right? Invite some friends from your bubble over, don gloves (because you don’t want to get your hands full of pumpkin anyways), and enjoy a nice pumpkin carving party or contest in your unit. The pumpkins will look great out on your balcony! You can pick up reusable LED lights to minimize the risk of fire.

Pumpkin painting

If you’re not 100% confident in your knife skills, you can always paint your pumpkins instead. Much less mess, the pumpkins last longer, and you get to show off your artistic flair. As a bonus, you can string battery-operated LED mini string lights to illuminate these as well.

Halloween decorations

Every year the dollar stores and the like fill up with a plethora of Halloween decorations, all for cheap! Stock up on spiderwebs, wall hangings, reusable or plastic cups, hanging ghouls and witches, and more! Quick tip – some fake blood decorations will stain surfaces, so use discretion and only use them on appropriate surfaces like windows.

Paper spiderwebs and flying bats

Remember the paper snowflakes you’d carve out as a kid? You can use the same idea to make paper spider webs! Similarly, you can cut black paper to hang a flock of bats along your walls.

DARK 2020 Halloween Events in Edmonton

This year, DARK has organized a multitude of COVID-friendly Halloween events in Edmonton which are more adult-themed, so you can have your fun celebrating Halloween this year as well! Here are a few Halloween 2020 events in Edmonton DARK has arranged:

Paranormal Investigations

Have you ever gone on a ghost walk or tour? Enjoy a thorough tour of paranormal investigations, the tools used to detect ghosts, and potentially meeting one yourself! Every Saturday and Sunday at 9 PM is your chance to learn all about paranormal investigations in Edmonton.

Dark Mixology

Definitely an adults-only event, Dark Mixology is a quick lesson in creating three Halloween-themed cocktails for you to enjoy. This event is every Thursday at 8 PM.

Dark Escape Haunts of the Selkirk

A Halloween take on the classic escape room, this theme involves ridding the Hotel Selkirk of a ghost entity. This event is able to be scheduled on multiple days, with a maximum capacity of 8 people.

Quiz Night

This event takes place on Instagram live every Monday in October at 7 PM sharp. Simply follow @fortedmontonpark and tune in on Mondays at 7 PM to take place and participate in the quiz of creepy knowledge for your chance to win prizes!

The Raveyard

This year’s Raveyard bash will be 100% virtual with no tickets required. Enjoy dancing, or simply have the spooky music on in the background of your at-home Halloween party!

Get Your First Month Rent-Free

Right now when you rent with the Nautical Luxury Suites at Summerside, you can get your first month of rent on us – free! Spend your October casually unpacking, and decorating for the Halloween you’ll celebrate in your multi-family home. We also offer:

  •  Free one-year membership to the Summerside Beach Club
  • Urgency incentive program (submit your application on the same day as your viewing to receive an additional $100 off your first month’s rent!)
  • Referral incentive for existing tenants
  • 25% off your TELUS Internet and TV for the first year
  • Seniors/military/first responders’ receive additional discounts.

Located in the desirable neighbourhood of South Edmonton, the pet-friendly units at the Nautical Luxury Suites at Summerside is an ideal multi-family home to celebrate your Halloween this year! Contact us today to learn more about any of all our fall 2020 rental promotions, and book your tour of our available units now!

No matter what you decide to do this year, whether it be going out or staying home and watch scary movies, we wish you a safe and fun Halloween!

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