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If you’ve been looking for a pet-friendly apartment in Edmonton, we’ve got you covered. There are many dog breeds that fare well in apartments happily. While larger dog breeds typically need more space to roam, there are a multitude of smaller to medium-sized dogs that actually thrive incredibly well in apartments. 

Our pets become permanent members of our families, and we know this. At the Nautical Luxury Suites at Summerside, we welcome your furry friends which fall within the guidelines designed to ensure the pets in our buildings are best-suited for apartment life.

What Do Dogs Need To Stay Happy In An Apartment?

Dogs, like us, have a few specific needs to stay happy in an apartment-sized space. It’s important to give our dogs enough space to stretch their legs, play, and relax. Dogs need to feel comfortable in their homes, and here are a few extra tips to keep your dog happy indoors:

  • Access to outdoor space — Many dogs enjoy the fresh air available to them, and when the weather is nice, try leaving your window open or let them out on the balcony  to keep your dogs happy. Most will enjoy going and lazing in the sun! The balconies at the Nautical Luxury Suite at Summerside are large enough to keep your dog happy, with room for their favorite bed outdoors during the warmer months.

  • A space that’s theirs — Try setting up a little corner indoors that belongs only to them, complete with a bed, favorite toys, with access to food and water. If you’re away from your apartment during the day for work, having a comfortable space for your dogs will mean the world to them and soothe them during your absence, avoiding unnecessary barking and whining.

  • Create a routine — Having a routine is something your dogs prefer, and helps them immensely when you are consistent. Feeding your dogs at the same time morning and night, ensuring they go for walks every day at the same time, allowing them out for bathroom breaks regularly, are all important factors to keep your indoor dogs happy and reassure them they will be cared for.

  • Have doggie play dates — Do your neighbors have a dog as well? Try to arrange for some doggie play dates outdoors for your pups! In a neutral setting, dogs thrive together in company and both will enjoy the exercise they get outdoors with each other, as well as the companionship. At the Nautical Luxury Suites at Summerside, we even have a specific dog run set up for your dogs to enjoy the outdoors, complete with a  waste bag station.

  • Patience — No dog is ever going to be completely perfect—no matter how much space they have to live in. When we go away our dogs may fret, and so if your couches end up scratched, or accidents occur (washable puppy pads are a great investment), our dogs need patience from us when they’re experiencing any distress during our absences.

Top Apartment-Friendly Dog Breeds

These dog breeds are particularly adept at living in apartments, due to their size, typical demeanor, and nature by breed.

1. American Eskimo

Notably beautiful, American Eskimo dogs are some of the easiest dogs to train, sociable, and amicably happy in smaller spaces.

2. Miniature Terriers

Of all of the terrier varieties, the miniature terriers such as Yorkshires and Scottish terriers are not only incredibly adorable but devoted and loving dogs who are low maintenance.

3. Bichon Frise

A Bichon Frise is known for its personality and friendly demeanor. These dogs are easy to care for, train, and enjoy apartment life.

4. French Bulldog

Despite the bulldog moniker, the French bulldog is an incredibly affectionate dog who easily adapts to their environment, and rarely barks.

5. Maltese

One of the most beautiful dog species, Maltese are common show dogs. Their fur, despite its length, rarely sheds and these friendly dogs love sharing their space with you.

6. Pug

A pug will love unconditionally. These little dogs are the kindest creatures and adapt very easily to apartment living. Note: while you’re cooking, they’ll be hovering, and are quick at grabbing any dropped snacks!

Dog-Friendly Apartments in Edmonton

Pictured: Waffle and Fifi, Nautical at Luxury Suite Community Pet Members

We welcome your dogs in our buildings, in fact nearly half our community members have a pet! We do our best to accept as many of your four-legged friends into our multi-family homes here at the Nautical Luxury Suites at Summerside. In order to ensure the comfort for all of our community members, we have a few guidelines around accepting pets.

Nautical Luxury Suites Pet Policy

  • Up to 2 pets allowed per suite

  • Pets are subject to a mandatory doggie interview

  • Dogs must be under 35lbs and under 15 inches

  • Dogs must hold a valid city license

  • A photo of your pets must be on file with us

We maintain a community pet policy to make sure all tenants enjoy a comfortable atmosphere. We pride ourselves on accepting responsible pet owners who prioritize the happiness of both their own pets as well as their neighbours.

Current Rental Incentives and Promotions

If you’ve been seeking your next pet-friendly apartment rental in Edmonton, look no further than the Nautical Luxury Suites at Summerside. Plus to sweeten the deal, the next 10 leases signed before December 31st, 2020 will receive:

One Month Free Rent

Sign your lease before the end of the year and enjoy the last of 2020 rent-free. Note, this offer is valid on 13-month leases and only available until the end of the year!

Plus, the one of the following options:

  1. $1000 Gift Card

  2. One-Year Free Underground Parking

For more information on our promotions, please see full details here and start enjoying the lifestyle at the Nautical Luxury Suites at Summerside, for you, and your pets.

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