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Wondering how to make the best of your apartment space when it comes to cooking this winter? Once winter hits in Edmonton, it’s oftentimes a lot cosier to stay indoors.

With the surge of COVID-19 cases rising throughout the country, having some tips for prepping, cooking, and storing some comfort food will come in handy. Avoid large groups this winter, and learn how to prep and store (delicious) food in your apartment.

Learn how to prep your own foods and turn your apartment into a five-star restaurant with these easy tips:

Quick Tips For Prepping Food

The first and best tip is to make your kitchen thoroughly clean. Not only is it a sanitary practice, but a clean space will inspire a clean mind. Having your kitchen clean is calming, and prepares you to make a mess with all of your fun food prep!

  • Knives

The most important tools in a kitchen are a good set of quality knives. The duller the knife, the more likely you are to injure yourself.

  • Equipment

Luckily the kitchens at the Nautical Luxury Suites at Summerside are equipped with state-of-the-art new appliances to make prepping, cooking, and storing food a fun and seamless experience.

  • Proper storage containers

When it comes to food storage, don’t skimp on quality – much like knives. Splurge for the glass food storage containers. PS: colour-coded lids make a world of difference when trying to find the right lid for the right container!

  • Dishwasher

Make cleanup a breeze with a dishwasher. Once your food prep is done, throw everything into the dishwasher, hit the button, and the cleanup is almost done.

  • Keep your vegetable scraps

As you’re cutting vegetables for prep, keep your onion peels, peppers, garlic skins, really any vegetable scraps you can think of (maybe not jalapeno peppers), and boil them all down with salt, continually adding water. Strain, freeze, and you have a delicious soup stock. Additionally, feel free to add chicken or turkey bones if you have leftovers!

Creative Food Storage Ideas For Apartments

When it comes to storing food, it goes beyond your typical drawers, cupboards, fridges and freezers. We’ve come up with some truly creative ways to store food, no matter the size of your apartment.

Tips for storing dry food

Mason jars are an absolute lifesaver, and there’s no limit to the dry foods you can use them to store: coffee, beans, rice, sugar, flour, lentils, the list goes on. Make an evening out of creating little labels for your storage jars. One of the best places to source Mason jars is simply reusing your old pasta jars! If not, the Nautical Luxury Suites at Summerside offers recycling facilities in our building.

Tips for storing fresh food

The fridges at the Nautical Luxury Suites at Summerside can hold a fair amount of food, but if you’re looking to stock up on some fresh essentials to hunker down for a good while, consider investing in a food dehydrator. You can use your food dehydrator for nearly every imaginable fruit and vegetable to easily store them without worrying about them going bad. Preparing a soup? Throw in your cup of dehydrated vegetables and watch them come back to life. Food dehydrators are a great investment for apartment life.

Tips for storing frozen food

If you’re worried about freezer space (though ours are spacious!), it’s never a bad idea to pick up an apartment-sized deep freezer. You can stock these with all of your favourite frozen foods, especially when you find a good sale! You can even freeze cheeses, milk, and other seemingly perishable foods.

Rental Incentives and Current Promotions

There’s never been a better time to rent with the Nautical Luxury Suites at Summerside. Enjoy the perks of tenancy here this winter:

One Months Free Rent

Enjoy a month of free rent when you sign a thirteen-month lease with us. Additionally, you get to choose one of the following perks!

  1. $1000 gift card

Want to outfit your kitchen? Or maybe tackle all of your Christmas shopping, or set up your dream home office? We’re offering a $1000 gift card to a store of your choice when you rent with us.

  1. Free underground parking

Skip the window scraping, and store your car in our secured underground parking this winter. When you rent with us this winter, you’ll receive a free year of underground parking.

Additional Incentives

  • Summerside Beach Club access – enjoy a year’s membership to the Summerside Beach Club with your tenancy till end of 2021.
  • Urgency incentive – submit your application that day to receive a $100 rental credit, or the next day for a $50 credit.
  • Telus discount – for your first year, receive a 25% discount on your Telus home internet.
  • Referral incentive – if a tenant in current good standing refers you and you sign a lease, you BOTH receive either a $250 rental credit, or $250 cheque for moving in!
  • 5% discount – military, first responders, and seniors receive a 5% discount.

Contact us today to arrange a viewing of one of our available suites.

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